Pet Vibe

Pampered Pets Welcome: VIP Status, Treats & Comfy Beds!

Experience the eclectic, boundary-pushing Tacoma art scene with your pet right by your side. Everything about the Hotel Murano is a complete vibe. From the incredible collection of glass art to the vibrant granite-top bar that serves delicious craft cocktails, it’s a chic spot for pet parents within walking distance of Tacoma’s best restaurants & museums. Furry friends are treated to a pet bed, bowls for water and food, and toy treats that’ll keep them amused for hours.

If you’re not familiar with Tacoma, enjoy a handy list of groomers, vets, and dog walkers nearby. If you have time on your hands and want to meet-up with some of the local pups, head to Chambers Bay Off Leash Park & Beach.

  • Discounted pet fee included in the package
  • Cozy pet bed included for use during your stay
  • Complimentary food and water bowls, pet toy, dog treat and a local pet resources
  • Standard cancellation policy and blackout dates apply